Criw Cymraeg

Our school has an active Criw Cymraeg who promote Welsh. It is made up of pupils from every Key Stage 2 class and they have the important job of encouraging pupils and staff alike to use more Welsh. Our school is working to achieve the Cymraeg Campus Language Charter. The aim of the Language Charter is to inspire our children and young people to use their Welsh in all aspects of their lives.

Ein rol/Our Role

Our Criw Cymraeg is passionate about promoting the Welsh language and culture. These are just some of the roles they undeertake:

Bob Dydd (Daily)Bob Wythnos (Weekly)Yn aml (Often)
Help other children to play yard games in Welsh.Meet up during a lunch time to discuss progress and make decisions.Ensure that there is some Welsh on displays.
Encourage staff and pupils to speak Welsh.Decide on the phrase of the week.Organise special celebrations for important dates (Dydd Dewi Sant, Dydd Santes Dwynwen, sporting events, etc.)
Promote Welsh songs being sung in assembly.Lead a Welsh assembly.
Organise and run Welsh competitions (Eisteddfodau, etc.)
Promote the use of Welsh apps (Fflic a Fflac, Campau Cosmig, Ap Geiriaduron, etc.)

Cymraeg Gartref/Welsh at Home

You can help your child by using Welsh at home. See the table below for some useful words and phrases.

Ymaddroddion Defynddiol/Useful Phrases

Bore da – Good morning
Prynhawn da – Good afternoon
Noswaith dda – Good evening
Nos da – Good night
Shwmae – Hello
Hwyl fawr – Goodbye
Sut wyt ti? – How are you?
Hapus – Happy
Trist – Sad
Bendigedig – Fantastic
Wedi blino – Tired
Ofnadwy – Terrible
Da iawn, diolch – Very well, thank you
_____ ydw i – I am/My name is _____
Mae hi’n amser … chwarae/cinio/mynd adref/tacluso
It’s … playtime/dinner time/home time/tidy up time
Dyddiau’r Wythnos/Days of the Week

Dydd Llun – Monday
Dydd Mawrth – Tuesday
Dydd Mercher – Wednesday
Dydd Iau – Thursday
Dydd Gwener – Friday
Dydd Sadwrn – Saturday
Dydd Sul – Sunday
Misoedd – Months of the year

Ionawr – January
Chwefror – February
Mawrth – March
Ebrill – April
Mai – May
Mehefin – June
Gorffennaf – July
Awst – August
Medi – Spetember
Hydref – October
Tachwedd – Novemeber
Rhagfyr – December
Niferoedd – Numbers

Un – 1
Dau – 2
Tri – 3
Pedwar – 4
Pump – 5
Chwech – 6
Saith – 7
Wyth – 8
Naw – 9
Deg – 10
Lliwiau – Colours

Coch – Red
Glas – Blue
Melyn – Yellow
Gwyrdd – Green
Porffor – Purple
Oren – Orange
Brown – Brown
Pinc – Pink
Du – Black
Gwyn – White
Llwyd – Grey

Gwefannau Defynddiol/Useful Website

These websites are great for practising your Welsh; there are stories read, songs to sing and games to play!

Welsh songs, nursery rhymes and games
Welsh Games
Welsh Songs
Welsh Games

Article 8: Every child has a right to a name and nationality.